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“Colorado’s next redistricting and reapportionment will be based on its 2020 census data. We need the most complete information possible to assure fair political representation of the entire state.” She added: “In fact, it is so important to be able to obtain this information that federal law provides strong privacy protections for the information that is collected, which should help overcome any reluctance to participate.” April 3, 2018 The Spot newsletter: Effort to expel GOP state lawmaker fails, Cory Gardner + NAFTA + Trump, fallout over Hancock text messages continues and more Coffman is also a Republican candidate for governor of Colorado, and her stance on the census citizenship question is just the latest move that aligns her with conservatives pushing back against sanctuary cities — places that are seen as having policies beneficial to or protecting people living in the U.S. illegally. Coffman sent out a news release alongside GOP attorneys general Mike Hunter of Oklahoma and Jeff Landry of Louisiana in backing the U.S. Department of Commerce’s intentions to have a citizenship question on the next census. The group says it anticipates “taking action to support the … decision in litigation when the proper opportunity arises.” A group of state Democratic attorneys general is challenging the citizenship question in court. Opponents of the proposal, which would mark the question’s inclusion in the census for the first time in decades, say it could create fear among immigrant populations and discourage them from participating in the census, among other concerns, leading to an undercount. “We’d certainly look at that”: Colorado governor open to sending troops to U.S.-Mexico border if Trump asks Gov. John Hickenlooper says he hasn't been asked by President Donald Trump to send the state's national guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border as of yet, but that he would "certainly look at it." Colorado’s Amendment 71 — “Raise the Bar” — is temporarily back in effect after federal appeals court action A federal appeals court has stayed a judge's order blocking parts of Colorado's Amendment 71, which makes it more difficult to change the state constitution. How a Colorado man’s box of forgotten relics shed light on grandfather’s role in ending World War I A treasure hunt that stretched from the Jersey shore to the Rocky Mountains came to fruition Wednesday with the unveiling in Colorado of a cache of long-forgotten World War I-era antiquities.

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