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Amid a whirlwind of new technologies and strategies,  IP’s legal leaders  are looking to the future of the field. On the sidelines of Wednesday’s IPForward Conference in San Francisco, a number of IP specialists who have worked at major legal departments spoke with the Recorder about their predictions for in-house IP. Facebook Inc. patent attorney Gilbert Wong and Sophos’ senior IP paralegal Cheryl Wilder’s answers revolved around one word: data. “The future of IP looks like the use of more analytic tools—using the data to inform decisions and being able to provide a tool set for our counsel so they can quickly get the information they need with the least amount of friction, and see all the data with push of a button,” Wong said. Wilder said data’s allowing her legal department to better estimate the scope of future challenges and IP spend. They’ll also be using data to run an IP portfolio analysis and to be more proactive with issues such as confronting nonpracticing entities, also known as “patent trolls.” “We’re definitely in an accelerated pace of technological change,” Wilder said.  “I think with the better awareness and knowledge that [our management software] IPFolio gives us, it allows us to maintain that pace. We can manage our costs better with better metrics, and we’ll be able to have a better budget and be proactive.” John Schiffhauer, who was, until recently, vice president of IP at Intel Corp., said the future of IP is global. He’s seen a pendulum of IP action swing between the U.S. and MENA [the Middle East and North Africa], as well as China.

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