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But current and former inmates, civil rights advocates, and other observers have said for years that the food fed to inmates in the facility is sub-par and that portion sizes are too small. As AL.com reported last week, persistent complaints about food served in the jail include that inmates are often served inadequate portions of expired or rotten food. A November 2016 study by the Southern Poverty Law Center "found evidence of significant problems with the quality and quantity of food served to detainees" in the Etowah County jail. "Detainees reported very small portion sizes," the study states. "Many detainees have lost weight during their time at the detention center. One man reported losing 25 pounds since his arrival at Etowah." "[F]eel free to correct the insinuation that our prisoners are underfed or fed poor quality food now that those accusations have also been proven untrue," he said. During the Friday press conference, Entrekin showed reporters a tray of breakfast that he said fulfills dietary requirements and was identical to ones fed to inmates in the Etowah County jail that morning. Attorney Sarah Alexander, an associate with the international law firm Constantine Cannon who specializes in whistleblower cases, said that the practice of sheriffs keeping excess money from the jail food fund could potentially lead to a federal False Claims Act claim. The False Claims Act allows civil claims to be brought against contractors who misuse federal money. It allows whistleblowers who work for federal contractors to report potential fraud by their employers to the U.S. Department of Justice, which then investigates the claims without revealing the names of the whistleblowers, Alexander said.

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